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I feel like in the last few months I constantly found reasons and excuses not to work on my projects and do what I enjoy. With this blog post, I want to share with you my inspirational sources and what inspires me to keep on going.

How will we ever find a sense of life if we don’t do what we love? How will we ever see the happiness and joy we were meant to experience, and we truly deserve? Live on this earth is so short, and we worry about how much money we should earn for a living, and about so many unnecessary things. It makes me sad to think that there are people who lost track of what they enjoy doing and live an unhappy life when in reality there is a way out. People would find excuses for not doing what they enjoy when deep in their heart they know is the right thing to do. In my opinion, the right thing to do is to do what you love. I truly believe from the depth of my heart that every single one of us was born with a spark within. Something that will make us so passionate and joyful to be alive. It may be scary to go your path and to go against society’s norms of how we should live our life to “fit in.“ Nevertheless, if we have found what we love to do, what would be the other choice? Why should we turn against this spark inside of us, when it is the one thing that full fills our soul? We shouldn’t care about what other people might think of us. Always think of this: You are the most important person in your life. When you start doing what you love and give a f*ck of what other people might think, then you will begin to love yourself deeply. Shouldn’t we do a job we would even do for free because we enjoy it so much doing it? Shouldn’t we all strive for a happy and fulfilled life?
So many people are complaining about their life every single day. Of how their job isn’t doing well, how standing up in the morning is a struggle and how life isn’t fair. They do not realize that they have a choice! You can choose how you want to live your life. You can imagine your dream life. When you visualize your dream life, the universe will set everything to make your dream happen. In fact, it already makes your outside world happen every single day based on the way you think of your own life and the thoughts you send out daily. Additionally, something that I have learned in the past few years: Just DO it. I feel like I am also in a stage of life where I occasionally need to remind myself. There’s a big difference between saying that you want to do it (while procrastinating big time) and actually doing it.

Now I will give you some sources which inspire me the most to just do what I love:

In fact, the text I have written at the beginning is inspired by this video. It made me very emotional, and I started to cry while watching it. The way she begins to open up the moment she sees herself dancing and how much passion is inside of her, made me think of what the meaning of life is.


At the moment I am watching Gary Vee’s inspirational speeches daily. They inspire me so much and make me realize the importance of not caring what other people might think of my work, to do whatever I enjoy doing and most important of all: WORK LIKE A HUSTLER! Indeed, all of his speeches are super inspirational, but those two are currently my favorite ones:



I think we often forget how short our life is. It is, in fact, shorter than we might admit it to ourselves. I don’t want to scare you with this, but here is a table of a lifetime of 90 years. It’s a Life Calendar by Tim Urban.


Each box constitutes one week, and when we have a closer look, there are not a lot of boxes. This table makes me realize how short life is, and how limited life on this planet is! I feel like we often forget (me included) this essential fact. Shouldn’t we take this short life as an inspiration to do whatever we want to and to live kind, passionately, and full of positive energy? Shouldn’t we try to live our life to its fullest? To be honest, when I look at this table it makes me think how I don’t want to waste a single second of my life without gratitude and not doing what I enjoy doing.

I hope this post was inspiring to you. Let’s just do it. It’s easier than you may think 🙂


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