Achieving Skills for Multi-Media Editing

Hello everyone!

This week I have a look at skills which are useful for my future career and I have not achieved yet.

I would like to learn how to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro more in-depth because I already have with both programmes a little experience. Since it could be very useful to have more experience in those programmes for my future career it would be a good opportunity to learn how to use them. I could learn how to use them by watching YouTube tutorials. This the same way I learned how to use InDesign. Another possibility is to go on Lynda.com and learn to use these programmes.

Additionally, I would also like to learn how to use my Canon camera more in-depth. This skill is useful for photography and for filming. Of course, I know how to use the camera on a normal basis, but I do not have that much knowledge about all the different possibilities of how I could use it. To achieve this skill I could read books/ watch internet courses of how to learn it. I already have books about that theme at home, so I could take advantage of them or I could learn more about it on the internet.

One of my weakness would be my presentation skills. Sometimes is hard for me to speak in front of a lot of people in a relaxed way, although that is not always the case. To improve this skill I could practice for a certain presentation long time before the presentation date.

I do love to speak in English because it comes very easy to me. But when it comes to writing I would also love to improve my grammar. A possibility to improve this skill is to read a lot of English books or articles.


I hope you all start well into the new week!


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