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My name ist Ann-Cathrine, I am 20 years old and I come from Switzerland. I love to work with Adobe programs like InDesign, Lightroom, PremierePro, Illustrator and so many more. I also really do enjoy interviewing interesting people, listen to music, takes photos and filming.

I chose ICM because it covers really everything I am interested in. Back in Switzerland I used to publish my own magazines about young artists. I made everything myself: from interviewing the artists, write the articles, make photos, develop a layout, find advertisers and eventually publishing the magazine. Every time I published a magazine I organized a bigger event, where the artists had a possibility to present themselves and show their talent. I was a very passionate period in my life and I feel like this study gives me the right direction. A few months ago I decided to make this project more multimedial, because it gives me more possibilities to promote these young artists and it gives me way more ideas, how I can express/ show their talent.

I am probably somewhere in between media and communication. Although marketing is also very interesting, I don’t think I will go further more into this profession in my future career. At least that is my opinion at the moment 🙂

Before this year I would have studied graphic design, but I realized that I need a job in my future career where I can do a lot of things at the same time. I love to work on programs at a computer, but at the same time I really enjoy photography/ filming, writing, interview people, organize events. I think if I would stay in the same pace for a while (for example only doing photography) I would eventually get bored and be unhappy. In my opinion I need dynamism and maybe multimedia is something that would be a good direction.

I also really do enjoy the internationality at ICM. Because I have already studied in an international surrounding for a year, I could never imagine to study in a location where everyone comes from the same country.

I am very excited for this study and I can’t wait what is happening next!


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