Hello. Bonjour. Hi. Hey. Ciao. Sali. 
Welcome to my first blog post! I’m super excited to finally announce my blog to you guys. I don’t really know, where this blog will take me (or us), but what you can expect is a blog filled up with inspiration, creativity, thoughts, tips and tricks, look books, pieces of my personal life and so much more…

This first blog post will be like an introduction of me and my personality… so here we go with 10 facts about me!
  1. My name is Ann-Cathrine
  2. I’m 18 years old
  3. I currently live in Switzerland
  4. I started a magazine for young artists called „Young CreArtivity“ about a year ago. I meet young inspirational people with a passion for something, make a interview and fotoshoot with them and put all of it together in a magazine.
  5. I have a big passion for art/design and creativity. I love to sing, act, dance, draw, paint, and to photograph
  6. I love the idea that everyone is unique and has the ability to express themselves in his/her own way
  7. I’m a vegetarian
  8. I have a huge addiction for dark chocolate
  9. I love brush lettering. I mean, duuuuuh… it’s everywhere at the moment! I can promise to you that you will see it often on this blog
  10. I love to do yoga
I could write this blog in German (or Swiss-german), but I feel way more comfortable with writing in English. Maybe I will mix those two languages all together in this blog. We’ll see. This is the first blog post I have ever written and I don’t want to already focus on a direction and put limits to the horizon. I want to start this blog with an open mind and an open heart ♡
Lots of love,


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