My First Week in The Netherlands

Letter No. 1

Dear Lena

As you know, on Monday the 8th of August I flew to the Netherlands. The first few days I pretty much just went to the city and the beach, so that I got to know my new city a little bit better. I must say that I am still not used to live near the beach, but I am truly happy that I do now 🙂

Later I went to IKEA with my roommate and his friend to buy a bed and some other stuff for my new room. There’s still not much stuff in here, but the longer I’m staying here, there more it gets complete.

On Friday I went with my roommate to Ostvoorne. He and his friends went kite surfing and I enjoyed the beach and took pictures of him and the other kitesurfers.

My dear Lena, I hope that you have a nice holiday in Italy and that you are doing well.

Lots of love


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