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Rachman Tjahjono

Hello everyone!

Today I have a YouTube Video about the singer Rachman Tjahjono!

5 objects Rachman can’t live without

LP: „This is a LP by Sam Cooke with the 20 beloved classics. I got my introduction to Sam Cooke pretty late and I got this one of a friend of mine on my Birthday. The funny thing was I didn’t even tell him that I liked Sam Cooke that much, so it was just the best gift he could have given to me. My favorite song on it is „You Send Me“. It’s just such a beautiful love song because it has all this 50s / 60s singing style. Unfortunately „What a Wonderful World“ isn’t on there but it’s also one of my most favorite songs by him.“

Glasses: „Obviously I can’t live without them. It became also a thing that people recognize them only when I am wearing them.“

Spotify: „I listen to it wherever I go and it’s also a great source to find new music.“

Book: „“Annihilation“ by Jeff VanderMeer is one of my favorite books and it’s the first part from the Southern Reach Trilogy. I’m a big sience fiction nerd and I love movies like Blade Runner or Star Wars. This book is really a throwback to that old stuff. It’s about an event that happened on Earth and they are sending a female group to that area to investigate what had happened there. It really got these weird plot twists. I remember I have read that book within two or three hours. Normally I am not a big reader but this one really got me.“

Guitar: „This is the second guitar I have ever bought. I use it to write my songs, I use it for performances, for really everything. I really can’t imagine a living without this guitar.“

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