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Letterpress Zine Video

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago I had the idea for a series, in which I make zines with different printing techniques. The first one will be a letterpress zine, which was a lot of fun to make. Instead of thinking too much of what I could print in the letterpress workshop, I decided to simply choose letters which are not exactly the same but very similar. For example an „M“ and a „W“, which is almost the same just turned around.

Stay tuned for the other zines!


Hello everyone!

This is a playlist I have put together for fun. It only has songs which consist of the word „Ocean“, no matter what genre it belongs to.

I wish you a wavy Sunday! 🌊🌊🌊


Hello everyone!

It’s time for another Musical Sunday! This is a playlist I love to use when I am working on Adobe programs or when I am working on something on my computer in general. I wouldn’t read more