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Hello everyone!

This week I have a look at skills which are useful for my future career and I have not achieved yet.

I would like to learn how to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro more in-depth because I already have with both programmes a little experience. Since it could be very useful to have more experience in those programmes for my future career it would be a good opportunity to learn how to use them. I could learn how to use them by watching YouTube tutorials. This the same way I learned how to use InDesign. Another possibility is to go on and learn to use these more


Hey everyone!

In my study ICM I had the assignment to take the career personality test using Hollands theory. After I took the test I had to use the results to reflect my interests, abilities and skills. This theory is very well known to find out where your interests are and which future career you should pursue in order to live a satisfied and happy life. John Holland, an American psychologist, created this more



My name ist Ann-Cathrine, I am 20 years old and I come from Switzerland. I love to work with Adobe programs like InDesign, Lightroom, PremierePro, Illustrator and so many more. I also really do enjoy interviewing interesting people, listen to music, takes photos and more