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Hello everyone!

Yesterday evening I have found one of my notebooks I haven’t touched in a while. There’s one text I have written about 3-4 months ago and I have totally forgotten that I have even written it. It kind of shook me and it’s a theme which is actually pretty important for every single one of us.

I feel like I need to share it with you:

„You must first marry yourself, before you can marry anyone else. Make yourself the most beautiful proposal you have ever seen. Promise yourself that you will love and cherrish yourself always. Promise yourself that you will always be there for yourself, no matter what. Promise, that you will live your life to its fullest and that you will always accept the good and the bad sides within yourself. read more

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been realizing how essential and important it is, to truly live in the moment and appreciate everything that happens in your live. Katie and me were sitting in the park yesterday, soaking in some sunlight and observed the kids playing on the playground. We suddenly got very nostalgic and melancholic, because we realized, that there will always be a last time where something happens. A last time, where your parent puts you back on the ground after carrying you on his or her arm, a last time you will sit in a classroom, a last time you see someone, a last time you kiss a loved one. Wether you realize it or not, those moments will never come back. You will never be as young as you were at that more

Hello. Bonjour. Hi. Hey. Ciao. Sali. 
Welcome to my first blog post! I’m super excited to finally announce my blog to you guys. I don’t really know, where this blog will take me (or us), but what you can expect is a blog filled up with inspiration, creativity, thoughts, tips and tricks, look books, pieces of my personal life and so much more…

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